Ethical Standards

Ethical Standards

At Magic Mushrooms, we believe that every step in the process that creates our products is an avenue for ethical practice. There is no room for compromise regarding social and environmental stability and sustainability. We are also committed to learning more and ensuring that Magic Mushrooms Dispensary has an impactful involvement in society.


One of the core aspects of our processes is ensuring that all our products are grown and harvested within Canada. There is no room for compromise on that. The concept of ethics and acceptable business process is a significant part of our offering and is crucial to all our employees and team members. We have a deep knowledge of the difference between acceptable and non-acceptable business practices, and we can assure our clients and partners that Magic Mushroom Dispensary is here for acceptable business practices.

Our packaging materials are also recyclable or biodegradable. This means that our production process sustains the environment, and this re-entrenches our resolve to continue working with Canadian suppliers and businesses to give back to the community and keep our environment safe. Our partners are individuals and corporations with adequate focus on their ecological and cultural footprint while making essential moves to improve.

It is important to state that we do not plan on doing this alone. Our policy on the sustainability of the ecosystem is open-source, which means we are open to new suggestions and recommendation that helps improve Magic Mushroom Dispensary for now and in the future. Sustainability partners and people with suggestions are open to reaching out to us at our email address.


With the level of development, a culture that embraces inclusion and diversity is a must in our books. While we started recently, our history has been graced with stories of inclusion and empathy. The reason for this is that we understand the impact of our actions on the world and are committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Personally, all of our employees and partners identify with the clamours for equity for queers, trans people, immigrants, Black, People of Color or Indigenous people. We also have employees who have gone through specific health issues and have to deal with addictions and recovery. While we are not saying these to assume that we understand everyone’s life, we are only trying to express the lived experiences of our team members and the fact that we can relate to the struggles of a lot of people in the country and around the world.

We believe that if the world is inclusive and allows for vulnerability and safe sharing, we will all witness deep human connection and growth. We can vouch for the importance and catalytic effects of psychedelics on our growth journey. This is why one of our core values is ensuring that we help the world reimagine the power of psychedelics through Magic Mushroom Dispensary.


Another core value with which we serve our customers and partners is accessibility. It is vital to us that everybody who wants our products get them. This is why we offer sales discounts to veterans, seniors and employees of our partner therapists. The prices for our products at Magic Mushroom Dispensary are decided with accessibility in mind.

It is also in our plan to create a digital support group around Magic Mushroom Dispensary. With this support group, users can connect with people of like minds and professionals such as therapists with their smartphones and computers without leaving the comfort of their homes. We are committed to ensuring that users are not alone in their journey.

Recognition of Indigeneity

At Magic Mushroom Dispensary, we identify and recognize the various indigenous communities in Canada. We identify and recognize the people of Westbank First Nation and the Okanagan Nation for their rich historical culture. We also respect their Elders, all past, present and emerging. We identify and recognize the Aboriginal People as the first people in Canada and the Traditional Custodian of the land and water on which we rely and meet.

We also recognize the sacredness of the mushrooms we offer and acknowledge that they are the same as the entheogens used worldwide by the people before us. We pay homage to the ancient communities in South and Central America where the plants are used in ritual ceremonies. We also pay homage to Maria Sabina, who introduced the sacred plant to the West.