When You Trip, is it Like the Threshold of a Dream?

When You Trip, is it Like the Threshold of a Dream?

Like waking dreams, the psychedelic experiences sparked by dosing on psychedelic mushrooms have similar nature to waking dreams as revealed from pieces of evidence. Loaded in the subconscious mind are awesome messages provided. Funnily, getting into the subconscious state may look like getting into a dreamland, and psilocybin can deliver such an experience.

Psilocybin is the active constituent in magic mushrooms that sparks off the effect that goes on as though one is experiencing some lucid dreaming. Neuroscientists have confirmed this in several research works. It was found that there was an overarching activity in the hippocampus and anterior cingulate cortex. These two areas of the brain partake in emotions and memory formation.

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Interestingly, other areas of the brain involved with higher levels of thinking and self-control like the thalamus, posterior cingulate, and medial prefrontal cortex showed little activity. This was observed by measuring brain activity using MRI technology while attempting to detect psilocybin. The same pattern of brain activation is what is noticed when a person is dreaming.

Tripping and Dreaming

The transition of consciousness before sleep when the brain changes state from wakefulness to a sleeping stage, is known as Hypnagogia. During this phase or stage, the visual and auditory concept begins to manifest, and this phenomenon is quite similar to a low dose of psilocybin mushrooms.

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When a person doses a larger dose of psilocybin, the noted experiences are quite similar to when a person is immersed in lucid dreams; hallucinations tend to appear– your new reality. It is quite like the REM sleep when you’re in a deep dreaming phase.

This experience is consistent with both dreamer and tripper alike. Interestingly, to the lucid mind, the experience may be irrelevant or useless but in both the stripped and the dreamer, the experiences are valid and acceptable.

If we consider both dreaming and tripping in the same light, then psilocybin can be defined to provide a โ€œwake-dream state.โ€ Psilocybin is well known to launch you into the subconscious while still receiving a deluge of information from the outside world. That’s the real deal of a psychedelic experience.

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Also known as the spirit molecule, DMT (or N, N-Dimethyltryptamine) is the major constituent in Ayahuasca that uses two distinct plants– Psychotria Viridis and  Bainsteriopsis caapi. Psychotria Viridis hosts DMT while Bainsteriopsis caapi hosts MAOIs that stop enzymes from breaking down DMT. You can get DMT and shrooms online in Canada from our store.

Whether DMT is found in the brain or not, is yet unknown. However, certain experts hold that DMT is manufactured in the pineal gland, and released during the dream state or at birth or death. From time immemorial, DMT and the pineal gland have been known together with dreaming, death, or astral travels.

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Studies show that the effect of DMT varies from person to person. For some, it could be enjoyed while for another set, scary. A few others report traveling at a fast speed and again, another reports the astral experience. Funnily, others describe their experience as chasing into something else, and another claim to have traveled to another world and talked with strange beings like the elf.

Being used in several forms over some centuries, DMT occurs naturally as tryptamine. Good to know that psilocybin is DMT combined with the addition of an oxygen atom with a phosphate group multiplexed with it. Psilocybin is orally ignited or activated while DMT is not. Recent developments in the psychedelic world showed that a synthetic form is present that contains powerful hallucinogenic effects.

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With good kudos to research works, there is much evidence about psilocybin mushrooms being able to induce waking dreams and also help us function better as humans– quite interesting!


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