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Why do people use Magic Mushrooms?

Psychedelic mushrooms are a safe and natural experience that can provide you with something safe and unique. Check out our store today to see a wide range of great mushrooms that you can order through the mail. Psilocybin mushrooms are products that are safe to use and consumed for a mild hallucinogenic effect. These wild products are available in the form of chocolate and we are regularly bringing in new products that contain the mushrooms so that our customers can have the finest way to try these unique items. Whether you love to take magic mushrooms on their own or as part of a chocolate, we have the right way that you can dose with magic mushrooms today.

Magic Mushrooms Right to your Doorstep!

We offer high quality mail order mushrooms that get ordered easily. If you want to buy shrooms in Canada, the process is very easy and you can quickly pick out the right strain and the best products to help you get the perfect experience. We have magic mushrooms that will help you microdose as well as products that can help you get a higher dose.

Why Order from our Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary?

We offer a wide variety of magic mushroom products to buy including microdose shroom capsules, magic mushroom chocolates, dried magic mushrooms and a wide range of other strains. We can help you find the best strain including golden teacher mushrooms, blue meanie, penis envy and more. We offer Express shipping right to your doorstep via Canada Post which usually takes 2-4 business days. Our fresh magic mushrooms are air sealed and shipping is discreet.


Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada! Canada’s #1 Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary which offers premium magic mushroom products.
We are Canada’s most reputable and top rated online shrooms dispensary. We ship our magic mushrooms directly in airtight vaccume sealed bags via Xpress Post to Canadians 19+. We offer free shipping on orders over $99 all across Canada!

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Buy Blue Meanies Online in Canada - Buy Psilocybin Shrooms Online in Canada - Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Free Eighth Of Blue Meanies On Orders Over $50

Order Magic Mushrooms Products - Magic Mushroom Dispensary

We Offer Premium Quality Magic Mushrooms

The magic mushrooms we have in stock are safe for use. We check the magic mushrooms for their quality and potency and it is our goal to make sure that every customer gets access to a product that can help them truly experience the quality of magic mushrooms. Rest assured that you are getting a product that is high quality and designed for consumption with ease..

Because these product are checked for their quality, we can reduce the chance for side effects. When you buy shrooms in Canada from us, we can make sure that you are getting a regulated dose and the best quality of mushrooms that we can aquire in the industry. When seeking mushrooms from other suppliers, you may not always get the same potency, with our team, you will be able to rest assured knowing you will get a consisntent dose every time.

We Deliver Magic Mushrooms to Every City and Province in Canada!

All of the products that we sell come grown here in Canada and under careful cultivation standards. Magic Mushroom Dispensary can make it simple for you to pick out your products and start your trip with a simple online form. Check out what we have in stock today and begin your journey with the top magic mushrooms for sale.

Our store works with the top magic mushrooms Canada suppliers to ensure every product we sell is verified for its quality and for its potency. If you want to be confident in the product you are purchasing, our team does the due diligence and testing to ensure you get great results each time.
Our magic mushroom dispensary is open for business! If you have any questions about the mushrooms we have in stock, contact us today for more info on each product.

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Order Magic Mushrooms Products - Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Shroom Dosage Chart

*The magic mushroom dosage chart below is for dried shroom products.
Level Dose (Grams) Effects For Who

Microdose 0.2 to 0.5 No visible changes, no loss of control Microdosers or new experimental users

Order Magic Mushrooms Dosage - Magic Mushroom Dispensary
Order Magic Mushrooms Dosage - Magic Mushroom Dispensary
Order Magic Mushrooms Dosage - Magic Mushroom Dispensary
Order Magic Mushrooms Dosage - Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Low 0.5 to 1 Light euphoria, minor distortions Beginner users

Medium 1 to 2 Increased euphoria, deep introspection, heightened mood Intermediate users

High 2 to 3 Heavy introspection, open-mindedness, heavy hallucinations Heavy users

Extreme 3 to 4 Intense psychedelic experience Extreme Shroomies


Overall Harm Score- Global


Shop Shrooms & Cannabis Online - Magic Mushroom Dispensary


Shop Shrooms & Cannabis Online - Magic Mushroom Dispensary


Shop Shrooms & Cannabis Online - Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Medical Uses of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Buy Psilocybin Shrooms Online in Canada - Magic Mushroom Dispensary


Buy Psilocybin Shrooms Online in Canada - Magic Mushroom Dispensary


Buy Psilocybin Shrooms Online in Canada - Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Addiction Cessation

Cancer Related Psychological Conditions

Cancer-Related Psychological Conditions

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Buy Psilocybin Shrooms Online in Canada - Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Cluster Headaches - Buy Psilocybin Shrooms Online in Canada - Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Cluster Headaches


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We know that discretion is important. We use generic prepaid Canada Post Xpresspost envelopes to package your shroom products and ensure there is no writing that would identify or advertise the contents.

Yes, as long as your order has not been shipped. Email us at [email protected] and we will confirm the cancellation. Then place your new order.

Your order will ship one day after your payment has been received and confirmed. All orders and payment received by 6:00pm will be shipped the next business day. Sorry, we only ship within Canada

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We accept Interac E-transfer payments through an online bank or credit union. To find out more please see our handy video tutorial. Once payment has been received we will send you an email confirming receipt of your payment.

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