What Do Shrooms Taste Like?

What Do Shrooms Taste Like?

It’s correct to state that magic mushrooms have an acquired taste. They shouldn’t be seen as delicate as a chanterelle or even as decadent as that of morel. They do not have the umami of the portobello, neither are they as peppery as maitake. So, what is the taste of mushrooms like? Continue reading, and you’ll find every detail you need to transform this funky flavor of this fungus into something fantastic. Unlock your mind with our amazing shrooms, buy shrooms Canada today by clicking here

What Do Shrooms Taste Like? 

It’s funny how someone commented on Reddit “They taste like shit. Beautiful, magical shit,” Another answer came from a psychonaut on Shroomery, “Like feet,” “Like sunflower seed shells,” says another one. These descriptions never stop coming and there has been a little debate on the topic that magic mushrooms have a distinct taste—but what exact description do you give it? Well, that has to do with interpretation. Some identified the flavor to be gag-worthy and extremely unpleasant while others said the taste is what you can always expect from many other mushrooms. You can be the judge when you buy shrooms online from Magic Mushroom Dispensary.

Every person’s ability to tolerate the flavor of shrooms in a unique way to their personal experience: Some individuals may balk as a result of the bitterness of the mushrooms, and another person may feel a nutty flavor. A large number of people would agree, however, that magic mushrooms possess an earthy taste, which is quite far from a sweet taste. They aren’t the regular mushrooms used in cooking, that give soups umami and veggie burgers, they instead taste like soil and have a spongy, chewy, and thick texture to boot.

Mycologists have coined a unique word for defining the flavor and scent of fresh mushrooms: farinaceous. The word implies a starchy flour-like scent, much like that of fresh pastry dough. When psilocybe shrooms are still fresh, this flour-like flavor becomes more apparent. However, as they dry, they may take on several flavors as the case may be for different mushroom species, their quality, and their age. Quality and potency are two features our psychedelics will offer you, click here to buy shrooms Canada.  

Make Mushroom Powder

Making Magic Mushrooms Taste Better

Certain individuals are more sensitive to tastes, smells, and textures than others. Because of that, finding ways to mask the taste of mushrooms can help you eliminate an initial queasiness their flavor and texture produce. The following are some general tips and techniques you could find helpful:

Make Mushroom Powder 

Many persons choose to grind their dry mushrooms into powder using a clean coffee grinder. They then add the powder to coffee or tea, or mixed into smoothies, or stir it into a hot pasta sauce, all functioning to eliminate the taste. The mushroom powder may also sometimes be encapsulated, creating a magic mushroom pill that will bypass the unpleasant taste and cause stomach upset that often go together with shrooms. 

The disadvantage is that mushroom powder is difficult, often difficult to dose. A kitchen scale is will be required to ensure that you dose out the desired amount of the mushroom; otherwise, you may end up having too much of an experience than you expect. So you should be careful of the dosage when you buy shrooms online.

Mix Your Mushrooms With Food 

You can consume Psilocybin mushrooms just like you’ll take another mushroom with food. Use a sharp knife to chop dried psilocybin mushrooms, then add water to and a little amount of vegetable stock and make everything into a warm sauce. You can also use mushrooms as a pizza topping, it’s likewise great when added to a soup, blending them into a fruit smoothie is also excellent. 

Another solid option involves cooking with magic mushrooms, although this topic of cooking shrooms is pretty contentious. Some down-to-earth psychonauts believe that heating at high temperatures causes denaturation of psilocybin, which is a very essential component of mushrooms that causes psychedelic effects. So, therefore, those who cook psilocybin mushrooms do it under temperatures and carefully minimize the cooking time. Although some shroom products like magic mushroom brownies are perfectly delicious while still being very potent.

On a final note: Always record and monitor your dosage closely. The greatest risk of cooking with the fungi is because you could accidentally eat too much. It is therefore recommended that you add mushrooms to foods when you already have apportioned out your serving. Buy shrooms online from us at Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Add a Chaser

The only challenge with magic mushrooms isn’t only about the flavor, their texture can also be very unwelcoming. You may need to chew both fresh and dried mushrooms, with fresh mushrooms having a spongy texture. If all you want to do is simply snack on the mushrooms whole, then you may need to get yourself something to drink because of the dense texture of the shrooms.

Various options you can choose from include: teas, juices, and water with lemon. They will help you wash down the chewy texture and kick the bitter aftertaste at the same time. You can as well take to the advice of one Quora commenter: “I used a good cup of black tea with a few spoons of sugar and it was a delightful experience.”

Best Ways To Take Mushrooms

Best Ways To Take Mushrooms 

More first-time consumers of shrooms are tempted to eat them whole, that’s a perfectly logical way to go enter a mushroom trip. Nevertheless, eating whole shrooms comes with some disadvantages. Aside from their awful taste and texture, the deciduous fungi are hard to digest. The common side effects are nausea and an upset stomach after consuming fresh or dried psilocybin mushrooms. Interestingly, you can alleviate the chances of nausea by taking a gentler consumption method. 


Tea is one of the most famous methods and certainly the easiest method of taking magic mushrooms. The teas have a much quicker onset tan most of the other edibles; the liquid form makes the psilocybin more easily digestible for the human body and the length of time of the trip also tends to be shorter.


Smoothies are another great method of consuming shrooms. Not only are they fast and easy to make, but they also mask the taste of shrooms pretty well. A good number of psychonauts opt for fruit smoothies, like chilled mango, and frozen berries. Alternatively, other options like cacao and peanut fat can also prevent the unpleasant flavor of magic mushrooms. It is also a liquid preparation, so it would very likely have a quicker onset than the other edibles as well. 

Lemon Tek 

Lemon tekking is a process of soaking mushrooms in lemon or lime juice for a minimum time of ten minutes before consumption. Afterward, drink the juice like a shot. It doesn’t only mask the flavor of the mushrooms, but the citric acid component in the juice may begin to break the mushrooms down before consumption. As a result, many psychonauts experience a powerful and fast-onset mushroom experience. 


Mushroom chocolate is a very delicious way to consume your psilocybin. Preparing mushroom chocolates involves mixing chopped mushrooms or mushroom powder with melted chocolate. Then, you can add the melted chocolate to molds to have peanut butter cups, chocolate candies, or even chocolate truffles. Although just like any other infused food, it’s paramount to give attention to the dosage of mushroom that’s taken up in each serving, surprises may be fatal!


You can chop up your dried mushrooms and add it to honey, leaving it overnight to infuse, or you can even keep it in the fridge for months if your mushrooms are completely covered. The honey will become blue because of psilocin, the molecule responsible for a mushroom trip. When it’s ready, you can add this blue honey to teas, or take a spoonful when you want to go for a trip. 

People often overlook the culinary art to be enjoyed from magic mushrooms, focusing only on the psychoactive experience. In addition, if you want to trip on shrooms, you must make the experience as pleasant as possible, starting from the first sip of tea to the last bite of chocolate you have. Always remember that proper dosage is crucial for all culinary adventures. In conclusion, our magic mushroom dispensary is very versatile and it works with other top-rated companies to ensure that only the best is given to our customers. Our promo code is” BLOWOUT25” and with a 25% discount off, no minimum spent, you can be sure our prices won’t blow your budget. Hurry and buy shrooms Canada today to make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing discount!

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